Chicken Bacon Alfredo Potato Skins

Chicken Bacon Alfredo Potato Skins: the perfect, poppable bites for your holiday entertaining! Creamy, cheesey, smoky bites that everyone will love.

We are meat and potatoes people. I know that sometimes it’s good to try to add some variety into your diet, but man, there is nothing like meat and potatoes. Or meat and cheese on potatoes. With Alfredo sauce. Now, I like to think I have a fairly healthy diet: I like to eat real food,…

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Santa Claus Cupcakes

Santa Claus Cupcakes: super easy cupcake decorating that the kiddos can take part in!

I’ve never been into cutesy holiday food before. But, you see, my girl is 2 and a half this year and there are times I can’t resist doing things that make her smile. What is it about the smile of a toddler that can make us do things completely out of character anyway? I like…

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