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21+ Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

These easy Instant Pot Chicken Recipes come together SO quickly, you can have a homemade dinner in no time! From Instant Pot whole chickens to chicken breasts to chicken thighs, there’s something for everyone. Chicken tacos, chicken soups, and one pot meals!


It is the year of the Instant Pot here on TRR (seriously, I turned on my slow cooker this morning and almost couldn’t figure it out!). And Instant Pot chicken recipes are something we’re always looking for more of!

I thought it was time I come up with a big list of favourites for all of you who can’t get enough of your Instant Pots or electric pressure cookers! I would love to hear what your favourite Instant Pot chicken recipes are are and maybe we can add them in 🙂

Let me know down below!

Maybe you know it took me a little while to come around to this Instant Pot thing (it sat tucked away in my cupboard for almost a year!), but as I’ve been committed to using it more and more, chicken is the one thing I love cooking in the pressure cooker!

Chicken breasts can be so dry if they’re not cooked well, but out of the Instant Pot chicken breasts are so incredibly moist and juicy and flavourful! You can even cook frozen chicken breasts in the Instant Pot, which makes it a real time saver on busy weeknights!

easy instant pot chicken recipes collage with multiple images and text in black and purple

Here are a few tidbits on how to cook chicken in the Instant Pot:

  • Don’t overdo it! (But even if you do, it’ll still be delicious 😉 ) With other cooking methods, chicken breasts can be become so dry if overcooked. In the Instant Pot, because it’s such a moist environment, I’ve found that they stay perfectly juicy a lot longer, so if you add a couple extra minutes, that’s probably okay.
  • If you’re going to add thick sauces like pasta sauce, barbecue sauce, or a cream-based sauce, it’s best to add them after cooking. The Instant Pot needs a certain amount of liquid to come to pressure, which means that your delicious sauces will be watered down and they might plug up your valve.
  • If you’re making a one pot meal with chicken and veggies, keep in mind that you want to match the cook times well, or add the vegetables in part way through cooking so that everything is perfectly cooked. This means it will have to come back up to pressure to cook again, and take a little extra time, so be prepared and read recipes carefully.

Need some Instant Pot side dishes for your chicken recipe? Check these out!

Juicy Instant Pot Chicken Breasts

instant pot chicken breast sliced on grey plate

Creamy Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

creamy instant pot chicken noodle soup with ladle lifting soup out of pressure cooker

Instant Pot Chicken and Noodles

instant pot chicken and noodles on grey plate on marble background

Instant Pot Salsa Lime Chicken

instant pot salsa lime chicken shredded in bowl with lime wedges

Instant Pot Italian Chicken Pasta

instant pot italian chicken pasta overhead on light blue plate on white background

Instant Pot Whole Chicken from fresh or frozen

instant pot whole chicken in pieces on white plate with lemon half and fresh parsley

Creamy Garlic Instant Pot Chicken Thighs

garlic instant pot chicken thighs overhead on grey plate with asparagus

Instant Pot Chicken Adobo 

instant pot chicken adobo over rice on grey plate on wooden background

Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken Rice Recipe

instant pot teriyaki chicken and rice on white plate overhead

7 Instant Pot Chicken Breast Recipes

7 instant pot chicken breast marinade recipes in freezer bags with chicken

How to Cook Frozen Chicken Breasts in an Instant Pot

frozen chicken breasts in instant pot on white background

Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Soup

instant pot buffalo chicken soup in two bowls with bowl of blue cheese on the side

Golden Instant Pot Chicken and Rice 

garden instant pot chicken and rice with vegetables and wooden spoon stuck into pressure cooker

Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken Recipe 

instant pot honey garlic chicken overhead on white rice on white plate

Instant Pot Mongolian Chicken

instant pot mongolian chicken over white rice with sesame seeds and green onions

Instant Pot Creamy Lemon Chicken Breasts

instant pot creamy lemon chicken breasts with lemon wedge

Instant Pot Chicken Tacos 

instant pot chicken tacos close up on tortillas with shredded cheese tomato and lettuce

Creamy Italian Instant Pot Chicken Breasts

instant pot chicken breasts sliced  with sauce on a plate with pressure cooker in the background

Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore Recipe

instant pot chicken cacciatore recipe overhead in white bowl with lots of tomato sauce

Instant Pot Chicken Marsala

instant pot chicken marsalad on white plate with creamy mushroom sauce

Pressure Cooker Chinese Take-Out General Tso’s Chicken

general tso's chicken in a bowl over white rice and topped with sesame seeds and green onions

Instant Pot BBQ Chicken Sliders

instant pot bbq chicken sliders on wooden cutting board with coleslaw

Instant Pot Honey Mustard Curry Chicken

instant pot honey mustard curry chicken piled on white rice on a white plate

Instant Pot Chicken Taco Soup

instant pot chicken taco soup close up in bowl with avocado slices sour cream and fresh tomatoes

Instant Pot Chicken Cordon Bleu

instant pot chicken cordon bleu with ham and cheese close up on white plate

Instant Pot Smoked Paprika & Garlic Chicken Legs 

instant pot smoked paprika chicken legs on sheet pan with lime wedges

Instant Pot Orange Chicken Recipe

instant pot orange chicken overhead on white plate with rice and broccoli

Instant Pot Chicken Chile Verde 

instant pot chicken chili verde in large white bowl with tortillas and lime half on the side

 Instant Pot Pineapple Chicken

instant pot pineapple chicken on white rice on grey plate
instant pot chicken recipes collage with four photos and title


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  1. Vinnie says

    Ashley, You have renewed my interest in Chicken! I was beginning to look up ways to groom Feathers because I was sure I was going to break out in Feathers soon! Thanks for sharing, and if you haven’t tried this Indian Favorite (also Ours)
    check it out! Butter Chicken, It’s great, I just start it off with some Carmelized Onions, brown sugar, and curry powder and you can use a premade sauce or concoct one of your own,It’s worth looking into!
    Thanks again, Vinnie

  2. Jen says

    This is so perfect for me! Pinning! I’m going to start with the chicken and noodles and sit down to meal plan the rest. Thank you!

  3. Tammy Shay says

    I am having a difficult time with my recipes. I made spaghetti and it burned on the bottom. I made a rice dish and it too burned. My next recipe was going to be chicken. I bought a whole chicken, thinking that’s how it is to be cooked,

    I am hoping it turns out.

    • Ashley Fehr says

      Hi Tammy! Unfortunately I can only offer assistance if you have made Instant Pot recipes from The Recipe Rebel, as I haven’t made many of the recipes out there. If you do make one here and leave a comment on that recipe post, I can definitely help you trouble shoot!

  4. Christina B says

    Most of these sound great. Does anyone have a source for chicken recipes that don’t need served over rice? (E.g pasta or potatoes work instead) my father can’t eat rice and it’s a problem with many recipes I’m noticing.

  5. Ruth A Freeman says

    I just got my Instant Pot three weeks ago. So far Ive tried the tried & true pot roast…perfect.
    Then I got on the internet and made a quiche-my husband said it was the best he ever had! He suggested I make a cheesecake next, it came out light and creamy, another success. Well, I’m batting a pretty aveage so tonight I’m trying chicken breasts. I’ve looked at some receipes and looked to see what I have in the cupboard. I’m going to stay with simple for my first chicken breast. I’ll write again…

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