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As a die-hard carry-on only traveller, I’m very particular about my travel products! They have to be space efficient, the correct size and work properly or they don’t get a spot in my coveted suitcase space.

Here are some of my favorite travel products from this year — the ones that make it easy to pack light!

My Favorite Packing Items

The older I get, the more skincare items I seem to want to take with me.

Being a carry-on only packer, I struggle with fitting them in the tiny plastic bags. I love using these tiny jars (for things like moisturizer where a little goes a long way) and these flat toiletry pouches (for things like shampoo and conditioner that usually take up more space) to save some room.

They pack so easily that I’m able to get a ton in!


Small Refillable Jars


Refillable toiletry pouches

I was looking for something that I could put my thin liquids and serums in that was totally leakproof and small — I love these glass dropper bottles! I have tested them out and they are completely leakproof.

I also bought these clear toiletry bags that are the same size as the ones that give you at the airport (smaller, but wider so it amounts to the same space) — they are sturdier and I love the flat bottom for fitting in jars and bottles.


Clear glass bottles


Clear plastic toiletry bags

I love staying organized and packing cubes are such lifesavers! These ones have an extra zipper that flattens them after packing.

I use this 40 L backpack as my personal item and, if it’s not overstuffed, it does fit under the seat! I like to max out my personal item size because with carry on only I am so limited to how much I can bring. I love that it zips open so you can pack it like a suitcase!


40L Travel Backpack

I absolutely love this Bagsmart Duffle bag — it opens like a suitcase, has a wet pocket and fits so much stuff. I go back and forth between this bag and my backpack, but if you need to carry a ton of stuff the duffle is easier to do it in. It’s just harder to carry if they steal your roller bag!

bagsmart duffle bag on white background.


Bagsmart Duffle Bag

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Miscellaneous Travel Favorites

These Soundcore Wireless Headphones are my favorites! The charge lasts a long time (even if you’re not using them and they’re sitting for a few weeks in between trips) and they have great sound. They’re also inexpensive so they’re easily replaceable.

I absolutely love this charger, because no extra cords are needed, so you don’t have to dig through your bag!

I tested these phone cases out before our cruise and snorkelling trip, and they held up just as well in the ocean!

Ear plugs are a must — these are inexpensive and easy to throw in your bag for when you need them!

Favorite Travel Shoes

Because I pack light, having versatile shoes that are super comfortable is so important!

These are the two I bring right now — they go with any outfit and are great for walking!


Reef Water Vista Sandals


Dr. Scholl’s Sneakers

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