Easy Leftover Ham Recipes

These Easy Leftover Ham Recipes are perfect to lend new life to your holiday ham! Soups, sandwiches, breakfast, casseroles and pastas, there’s something for everyone!

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I don’t know about you, but in our house, one of the best things about the holiday season is allllllll of the leftovers.

Leftover ham, leftover turkey, leftover mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, roasted veggies, gravies and sauces, etc., etc., etc. I get giddy just thinking about it!

Thanks to my deep freeze and some creativity, I take all of those extras and reinvent them into tons of delicious meals! No one ever suspects they’re still eating holiday leftovers well after the fact. 😉

Ham is easily a favorite around here when it comes to the big holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving (okay, so it’s a tie with this Garlic Brown Sugar Dry Brine Turkey and these meatballs!).

Which is why I’ve put together a list of 30+ of my favorite leftover ham recipes below – all kinds of soups, pastas, casseroles, you name it!

How to Store Leftover Ham

Leftover ham is great to store refrigerated or frozen.

Store Leftover Ham In the Fridge: I prefer to keep a small amount of leftovers in the fridge to use in the days immediately after, and freeze the rest. Leftover ham will keep for 3-5 days when refrigerated airtight.

Freeze Leftover Ham: I find that the best way to freeze ham is cooked and cubed, in small freezer bags. This way it’s ready to thaw whenever the occasion calls! If you have a large piece of ham to freeze, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, plus an extra layer of aluminum foil to help protect from freezer burn.

You’ll also find that many of the recipes in this list are great for making ahead and freezing, too! So you can double-up on the convenience with pre-made meals. 

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Tips for Success

  • Most ham is pre-cooked. Most hams from the grocery store are already fully cooked or cured. For this reason, you can add any leftover ham right into the recipes below! No need to worry about cooking through or heating first, since that part’s already out of the way.
  • Avoid drying out leftover ham. Because ham is a lean meat, be sure to reheat it covered, and with a spoonful of broth or water. Unless you’re reheating ham in a saucy casserole, soup, pasta, or rice dish, in which case it will absorb the sauce or liquid in the dish.
piece of ham quiche being lifted out of whole from above
Easy Ham Quiche Recipe
Possibly one of the best ways to use up leftover ham, this creamy quiche recipe is easy to make and packed with protein. Perfect for a post-holiday brunch!
Get the recipe here
ham sliders stacked up tall on a white plate
Ham and Cheese Sliders
Give leftover ham shavings a second life with these easy and tasty ham and cheese sliders! These snackable mini sandwiches make a great appetizer, made with classic Swiss cheese and honey mustard.
Get the recipe here
overhead image of pan of ham and potato casserole with spoon stuck in
Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole
For something hearty and filling, try this cozy casserole made with lots of melty cheese, tender potatoes, and cubes of leftover ham. It’s an effortless recipe to make ahead, too!
Get the recipe here
cheesy scalloped potatoes and ham in white dish
Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
Turn what’s left of your holiday ham into a creamy, cheesy classic side dish! Who doesn’t love a good casserole? And scallop potatoes are honestly a winner every time.
Get the recipe here
twice baked potato casserole overhead
Twice Baked Potato Casserole with Ham
Did I mention I love casseroles? Have your twice baked potato in the form of a delicious, comforting baked dish that uses up your leftover mashed potatoes as well as ham! If this easy casserole isn’t perfect, I don’t know what is.
Get the recipe here
breakfast skillet overhead
Breakfast Skillet – 6 Ingredients!
The morning after the big event just got a whole lot more delicious! Take any remnants of ham and whip them into a savory, healthy breakfast skillet. It only takes 6 ingredients, and your day will be off to the best start possible.
Get the recipe here
Piece of white lasagna being lifted out of pan
White Chicken Lasagna with Ham and Spinach
Have all the decadence you want in a holiday meal, only packed with healthy ingredients! This white chicken lasagna uses up your leftover ham and combines it with spinach in a creamy, lighter homemade Alfredo sauce.
Get the recipe here
These Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Sliders are an easy appetizer, lunch or dinner with just a few ingredients. Perfect for a potluck barbecue, game day or a fun weeknight meal! Includes step by step recipe video | easy recipe | game day | superbowl | football | party food | party ideas
Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Sliders
A tropical paradise for your tastebuds, in the form of sweet and savory Hawaiian sliders! And not just because they’re made on Hawaiian rolls. These babies are filled with salty ham, juicy pineapple, and cheese – we can’t forget the melty cheese!
Get the recipe here
A scoop of cheesy ham and noodle casserole is lifted from a baking dish.
Ham and Noodle Casserole
I can’t get enough of this recipe that takes egg noodles and combines them in a creamy casserole with ham and cheese! It makes for a totally easy dinner that the kids absolutely love.
Get the recipe here
Rows of ingredients make up a ham cobb salad in a bowl.
Leftover Thanksgiving Ham Cobb Salad
In the days after holiday festivities, sometimes all I’m craving is a really good salad. Leftover ham is perfect to chop up for this easy cobb salad, loaded with fresh veggies and extra protein from the hard boiled eggs.
Get the recipe here
Slices of ham and cheese pizza on a piece of parchment paper.
Leftover Ham and Cheese Pizza
Another perfect way to put leftovers to good use? Toss them over a homemade pizza! Leftover ham is the star in this crazy easy (and crazy tasty) recipe that uses store bought pizza dough, topped with stringy mozzarella and onions.
Get the recipe here
Ham and rice casserole is scooped up with a wooden spoon.
Cheesy Leftover Ham and Rice Casserole
Cheese, broccoli, and ham really are a combination like no other. This recipe takes this delicious combo of ingredients and transforms them into a savory and extra-cheesy rice casserole that’s great for weeknight dinners.
Get the recipe here
A forkful of ham and cheese pasta is lifted from a bowl.
One Pot Ham and Cheese Pasta
This one pot dinner definitely fits the bill for a leftover meal: it’s easy, it’s delicious, and there’s hardly any clean up! A cheesy pasta recipe loaded with leftover pieces of succulent ham is just what your family dinner calls for.
Get the recipe here
Sweet, smoky ham in an easy homemade barbecue sauce that you can whip up in 10 minutes! Beat the dinner time rush with this quick, flavorful meal! Includes step by step recipe video. | easy recipe | easy dinner recipe | slow cooker | crockpot | barbecue
10-Minute BBQ Ham Sandwiches
Swap out the deli ham in this recipe with your leftover gammon for a super quick BBQ sandwich that’s ready in 10 minutes! For lunch or for dinner, this is the best flavorful meal to make in a hurry.
Get the recipe here
ham and pineapple rice overhead
Ham and Pineapple Rice
Hawaiian-inspired rice is sweet, savory, and so full of flavor you’ll be going back for seconds and thirds! This dish takes 20 minutes to make, brimming with chunks of ham and fruity bits of pineapple.
Get the recipe here
A bowl of creamy ham and potato soup topped with bits of ham and chives.
Leftover Ham and Potato Soup Recipe
Turn your leftover ham into the ultimate comfort food! This is an easy ham and potato soup that was made to warm the cockles, filled with the cozy flavors of potato and cheese.
Get the recipe here
A stack of grilled Monte Cristo sandwiches with ham and melted cheese.
Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipe
If you’ve never experienced the sheer joy that is a Monte Cristo sandwich, it’s about time that you did! It’s the perfect way to use your leftovers in a fun twist on the classic ham and grilled cheese sandwich. This version is so incredibly delicious!
Get the recipe here
A ham, asparagus and mushroom frittata in a skillet.
Ham, Asparagus and Mushroom Frittata
Use that leftover Easter ham in this easy brunch recipe that turns ham, cheese, fresh spring veggies and eggs into a glorious frittata.
Get the recipe here
Top view of a slice of ham pot pie on a plate held by two hands.
Ham Pot Pie
Skip the chicken and make this veggie-filled and easy ham pot pie! This recipe uses simple, common ingredients that come together for a seriously delicious dinner. It only takes about an hour, and the results are so flavorful!
Get the recipe here
Cheesy ham and spinach casserole with a wooden spoon.
Leftover Ham and Spinach Casserole
Not your regular baked ziti, this creamy casserole is jazzed up with ham and spinach for a filling family meal. You’re going to love the comforting flavors of this leftover ham casserole, I know I sure do!
Get the recipe here
A bowl of ham bone soup topped with ham and veggies, surrounded by bowls of seasonings.
Ham Bone Soup
This recipe takes the bone-in ham from your holiday table and makes it into a soothing and hearty soup. Pieces of leftover ham swim in a homemade ham bone broth with veggies, potatoes, and savory herbs.
Get the recipe here
Top view of a ham and cheese waffle on a plate, next to coffee mugs.
Ham and Cheese Waffles
A savory waffle recipe you’re going to be making again and again (or making ahead and freezing for an easy breakfast, any day of the week!). These ham and cheese waffles are loaded with leftover ingredients and easy to make in the waffle maker!
Get the recipe here
A red bowl full of Hawaiian pasta salad.
Easy Hawaiian Pasta Salad
Ham and pineapple in a pasta salad? Why not! This Hawaiian pasta salad recipe is perfect for cookouts and potlucks. A tropical spin for something a little different!
Get the recipe here
A bowl of ham and bean soup garnished with thyme.
The Best Ham and Bean Soup Recipe
Tender chunks of juicy ham, fresh veggies and northern beans mingle together in an easy soup that seriously warms the soul! This soup recipe is perfect to make with leftover ham, ready in only 30 minutes.
Get the recipe here
A cracker is dipped into a bowl of ham salad.
The BEST Ham Salad Recipe
This is a classic recipe, that just so happens to be the perfect excuse to use those ham leftovers! Make a creamy and fresh ham salad in just 10 minutes, perfect to pile onto sandwiches, onto crackers, or enjoy just as it is.
Get the recipe here
A spatula is used to lift a ham and cheese breakfast pie from a baking tray, with more pies in the background.
Mini Ham Cheese and Spinach Breakfast Pies
These delightful little breakfast pies are perfect to grab-and-go in the mornings, loaded with ham, cheese, and nutritious spinach. They’re easy to make with healthy ingredients, and so yummy!
Get the recipe here
A stack of ham and cheese biscuits.
Ham and Cheese Biscuits
Not your average classic biscuit! I love this savory cheese biscuit recipe dotted with pieces of smoky ham and bold Colby Jack. It really puts the pedal to the flavor-metal, if you ask me!
Get the recipe here
A forkful of cheesy rice with ham and broccoli.
Cheesy Ham and Broccoli Rice Skillet
One pan, 20 minutes, and 5 ingredients? If it sounds too good to be true, you’ll be in awe of this easy skillet dinner. Leftover ham with broccoli, cheese, and rice is a meal so good, you’re going to want to lick the skillet after!
Get the recipe here
Macaroni salad tossed with ham, cheese, and veggies.
Macaroni Salad with Ham and Cheese
Make this light and tangy, classic macaroni salad recipe with leftover ham, cheese, and lots of chopped vegetables. It’s the perfect side for potlucks and family dinners (and just about any meal, really!).
Get the recipe here
breakfast in a mug with eggs
Breakfast in a Mug
Make an easy, healthy breakfast in a mug for the best kind of morning pick-me-up! Whether you microwave it or bake it, this recipe made with ham, cheese, and potato is quick to make on busy days.
Get the recipe here

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