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Leftover Ham Recipes

These leftover ham recipes are the perfect ways to use up your extra holiday ham! Soups, sandwiches, breakfast, casseroles and pastas — there’s something for everyone!

Table of Contents
  1. Tips for storing leftover ham:
  2. Tips for making these leftover ham recipes:

I don’t know about you, but I think one of the best things about the holiday season is allllllll of the leftovers.

Leftover ham, leftover turkey, leftover mashed potatoes, leftover desserts (no need to remake those 😉 ) — the list goes on and on and on. Rolls and roasted veggies, gravies and sauces, etc., etc., etc.

But all of these things can be reinvented to become something totally different, and your family will never suspect they are still eating Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner a month or two later 😉

leftover ham recipes long collage with multiple images and title in black and purple

Ham is easily our favorite around here when it comes to the big holidays (okay, it’s a tie with meatballs, but we know there’ll be no leftovers of those!), so I wanted to come up with a list of easy leftover ham recipes to make it go even further after the main event.

Tips for storing leftover ham:

Leftover ham stores great refrigerated or frozen.

I prefer to keep a small amount in the fridge to use in the next few days, and freeze the rest, cooked and cubed, in small freezer bags for adding to soups, pastas, casseroles, you name it, whenever I’m having a crazy day.

Alternatively, some of these soups and casseroles are great for preparing completely and freezing altogether, which means you have to think even less about what’s for dinner 😉

Tips for making these leftover ham recipes:

  • Most hams that you buy at the grocery store are already fulled cooked, and then you simply reheat in the oven or slow cooker for several hours. For this reason, you can add leftover ham right into the recipes without worrying about cooking through or heating.
  • Because ham is a lean meat, and it has already been cooked once, be sure to reheat it with some liquid if serving alone. If the ham is reheated in a saucy casserole, soup, pasta, or rice dish, it will absorb some of the moisture from the sauce or cooking liquid.

Easy Ham Quiche

one slice of leftover ham quiche on white plate

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with Ham

cheesy scalloped potatoes and ham close up in baking dish with blue towel on the side

Twice Baked Potato Casserole with Ham

twice baked potato casserole overhead in white baking dish on grey background

White Chicken Lasagna with Ham and Spinach

white chicken lasagna with ham on speckled white plate with fork on the side

Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Sliders

ham and pineapple sliders stacked on a grey plate with pan of sliders in the background

Ham Noodle Casserole

leftover ham noodle casserole up close in baking dish with white towel on the side

Ham Cobb Salad

leftover ham cobb salad with salad dressing drizzled on

Ham Bean Soup

leftover ham bean soup in dark blue bowl with bread in the background

Smoked Ham Apple Gouda Panini

leftover ham panini stacked with apples in the background

Spinach and Ham Breakfast Casserole

spinach and ham breakfast casserole on white plate with fork on the side

Easy Puff Pastry Ham and Cheese Quiche

puff pastry quiche in pie plate overhead with one slice on white plate and fresh eggs on the side

Leftover Ham and Cheese Pizza

leftover ham pizza on light blue background cut into slices

Cheesy Leftover Ham and Rice Casserole

leftover ham and rice casserole in clear glass baking dish with stack of plates in the background

One Pot Ham Cheese Pasta

one pot leftover ham pasta in bowl with spoon pulling up a scoop of pasta

10 Minute BBQ Ham Sandwiches

leftover BBQ ham sandwiches on a white bun on a blue plate with pickles on the side

20 Minute Ham and Pineapple Rice

leftover ham and pineapple rice overhead in white pan with wooden spoon stuck in the pan

Ham and Potato Soup

leftover ham and potato soup in two black bowls with green onions and shredded cheese on the side

Leftover Ham Fried Rice

leftover ham fried rice close up witth pineapple and carrots

Leftover Ham Bean Soup

leftover ham soup close up in a bowl sitting on a grey plate with a spoon resting on the plate

Monte Cristo Sandwich

leftover ham monte cristo close up image of a stack

Ham Asparagus Mushroom Frittata

leftover ham asparagus mushroom frittata in cast iron skillet on brown wooden background

Ham Brie Cranberry Sliders

leftover ham brie cranberry sliders on pretzel buns sitting on raw edge cutting board

Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Skewers

leftover ham and pineapple skewers on white background

Ham Pot Pie

leftover ham pot pie whole in pie plate with grey towel on the side

Ham Salad

leftover ham salad served with Ritz crackers on a bright blue plate

Ham and Spinach Casserole

leftover ham and spinach casserole with ziti noodles close up image on a spoon

Leftover Ham Bone Soup

leftover ham bone soup in beige bowl with metal spoon stuck in bowl
leftover ham collage with multiple images and text in black and purple


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    What a great gathering of ham recipes, I always try to keep some chopped up in the freezer for easy recipes, and now I’ll have more ideas to use it in. Thanks for including mine 🙂

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