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35+ Steak Recipes

35+ steak recipes to rival any steakhouse dinner! Oven-baked, grilled, pan-seared, kabobs, salads, sauces and more recipes!

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Perhaps, there is no aisle more intimidating than the meat department of your grocery store.

Before I became familiar with which cuts of meat were best for each recipe, I was easily intimidated by all of the options.

Sometimes, I would just grab a cut and hope for the best!

I’m no expert pitmaster – I’ll leave that to the pros – but I do enjoy a great steak. Luckily, my husband and local butcher came to my rescue many times.

There are so. many. different. cuts of meat. It’s definitely overwhelming. However, if I can toss a few slabs of beef on the grill, I know you can, too.

What are the different cuts of steak?

Really, there are so many recipes you can make with each of these cuts. Here are the top cuts of steak, what they are, and how they can be used for the tastiest meal:

Top Steak Cuts

  • Filet Mignon – It’s pretty much the Godfather of steaks. The cut comes from the very tip of the cow’s back, called the tenderloin. As one of the most tender pieces of beef, this is also one of the priciest. A cut best used for grilling or searing, and enjoying at medium-rare.
  • New York Strip – Also called a top sirloin or striploin, this cut has a lot of flavor with the fatty edges, which make it extra tender. This cut is best for pan-searing, broiling, grilling, or in a sandwich like the Philly Cheese-steak.
  • Porterhouse – This cut is also known as the T-bone steak. It has two types of beef on either side of the bone: the tenderloin and the NY strip. Because both of those cuts cook differently, this can be a more challenging piece to grill.
  • Rib-eye – Otherwise known as a Delmonico, this steak is basically a cut from a prime rib into steaks. It has beautiful marbling with deep flavors, perfect for pan-searing, broiling or grilling.
  • Flank Steak – Also known as the London Broil is a lean cut of meat that can yield a tough cut if not prepared correctly. This cut is best for fajitas, stir fry or any dish that requires quick, high-heat.
  • Skirt Steak – This cut is often confused with the flank steak, though it comes from another part of the cow’s abdomen. It has more flavor than it’s cousin, the Flank, and is also best suited for fajitas, stir frys and other quick, high-heat dishes.

How do you know when a steak is done?

This is kind of a loaded question in the beef world.

There are lots of …feelings… around the different temperatures to which you should or should not cook certain cuts of beef. 

I say to use the recipe as a guide and know your comfort level. 

Here are the temperatures for the different degrees of doneness:

Rare – The center will be a rich, red color with runny juices.

  • 120°-125°F; 49°-51°C

Medium Rare – Still pretty red, but not as runny.

  • 130°-135°F; 55°-57°C

Medium – Nice firm pink center.

  • 140°-145°F; 60°-63°C

Medium Well – Very little pink and much firmer texture.

  • 150°-155°F; 65°-69°C

Well Done – No pink and can yield a tough result!

  • 160°-175°F; 71°C

Tips for juicy and tender steak:

  1. Marinate – Depending on the cut, most pieces of beef take well to different marinades. Citrus juice is known to loosen the muscle fibers and create a tender result.
  2. Bring to room temperature – Bringing a cut of meat to room temperature prevents “shocking” the meat, which is what happens when the meat goes from a cold fridge to a hot pan or grill, instead of “resting” for 30 minutes – 1 hour before cooking.
  3. Use a meat thermometer – This is really the only way to ensure you are cooking your meat to the desired doneness. Hacking into the center is a big no-no and a sure-fire way to dry out your steak. Keep in mind the meat’s internal temperature will continue to rise as it rests.
  4. Be patient – It’s hard to resist flipping every second, but the less a piece of meat is “handled” the more evenly it will cook.
  5. Let it rest – After cooking, always allow your meat to rest on a plate or cutting board for 5-10 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute into the inside of the meat. I recommend pulling the meat off the grill just before it reaches the desired temp as it will continue to cook.

Here are some of my favorite steak recipes, and a few from my favorite bloggers! If you’re looking for ways to shake up your grilling routine, we’ve got you covered. 🙂

Baked Steak Recipes

Sheet Pan Marinated Steak Tips with Veggies – Delicious steak and veggies make dinner easy on one sheet pan!

Sheet pan with roasted peppers, asparagus and potatoes with steak and blue towel

Herbed Steak Sheet Pan Dinner Family Meal Recipe – Who knew a sheet pan meal could result in such a beautiful dinner?!

Steak green beans and sweet potatoes on white platter

Easy Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas – These easy steak fajitas make great leftovers for salads, quesadillas and more.

Fajitas meat and veggies on sheet pan

How To Cook Top Sirloin Steak In The Oven – A less expensive cut of steak, but pricey flavor! Tender, juicy and oven-baked sirloin is my favorite!

Top sirlon sliced with broccoli

How To Cook Steak In The Oven – A beautifully marbled steak in the oven makes for a delicious meal!

Two steaks with pats of butter in cast iron

Grilled Steak Recipes

Grilled Steak Fajitas – Piled high with toppings, these steak fajitas are perfectly tender and made with flank steak.

Whole flank steak for fajitas with peppers and lime wedges all around

Grilled Steak Teriyaki – Steak Teriyaki is way better than your average Asian takeout. Use the leftovers over a salad or with more stir fry options.

Steak sliced with Asian veggies topped with sesame seeds

Grilled Steak Salad with Tzatziki Sauce – A super refreshing recipe to go over a salad or inside a pita.

Sliced steak over salad with tzatziki sauce

Balsamic Honey Grilled Steak Salad and Vinaigrette – This is not your average steak! Full of tender protein and fresh veggies, this is a filling meal for even the heartiest appetites.

Chopped steak salad with cherry tomatoes croutons and cheese

Garlic Butter Steak Recipe – The best restaurant-quality steak, topped with creamy garlic butter.

Sliced medium rare steak and potatoes on white plate

Steak Kabob Recipes

BBQ Steak and Potatoes Skewers – Smokey and flavorful, these kabobs made with steak and tender potatoes make a fabulously simple meal!

bbq steak and potato skewers overhead on a white plate on a blue checked napkin

Fajita Steak Kabobs – Easy and make ahead! You can store these delicious marinated kabobs until you are ready to grill.

fajita steak kabobs on metal skewers on a white plate

Steak Kabobs with Garlic Butter – Steak kabobs are an easy weeknight dinner or the perfect option for grilling with friends.

Steak kabobs with grilled veggies and garlic butter on a white plate

Grilled Steak Kebabs Recipe – Veggies included! These steak kabobs marinate overnight for an easy make-ahead dinner!

Steak kabobs with purple onion and zucchini close up

Brazilian Steak Kabobs With Potatoes – A meal-in-one with tasty Brazilian flavors, potatoes and peppers!

Kabobs on wooden plate with colorful veggies and lime wedges on the side

Marinade Recipes

The BEST Steak Marinade – With just a few ingredients, you can have the most tender steak. The lemon juice works like magic!

Steaks marinating in large glass bowl

Skirt Steak Marinade Recipe with Chimichurri Recipe – This marinade gives the meat tons of flavor and has a bonus with the Chimichurri sauce! Perfect for fajitas or tacos.

overhead image of Steak sliced with chimichurri sauce

The Best Easy Balsamic Steak Marinade Recipe – Five simple ingredients for a tangy, balsamic steak marinade!

Steaks marinating in balsamic steak marinade in large bowl

The BEST Steak Marinade Recipe – This marinade recipe makes each bite of steak tender and juicy for broiling, grilling or baking!

Steak marinade mixed up with whisk and lots of fresh herbs

Steak Salad Recipes 

Strawberry Arugula Salad with Steak & Balsamic Vinaigrette – The perfect “big salad” for those who love a hearty meal on the lighter side with plenty of sweet berries and spicy arugula.

Steak salad with berries, almonds and feta in a white bowl on grey background

Mexican Grilled Flank Steak Salad with Honey Lime Dressing – Spicy, smokey with a hint of sweetness! Grilled steak lays over the top of beautiful Mexican flavors in a killer salad!

Grilled flank steak on bed of mexican veggies on a rustic background

Asian Sesame Grilled Steak Salad – Fresh, crisp vegetables with a tender steak! The Asian flavors really come out with the toasted sesame seeds and homemade Asian dressing.

Asian steak salad surrounded by veggies on white platter

Steak Salad – Always a classic! This steak salad has BIG flavors, packed with fresh vegetables and dressed with homemade balsamic!

Steak salad with fresh veggies and dressing plus sliced avocado

Steak Sauce Recipes

Horseradish Sauce Recipe – Horseradish sauce is the primo complement to a prime rib or beef tenderloin. The zingy horseradish brings out the flavors of the tender, savory meat.

Horseradish sauce surrounded by rare beef cuts close up

Creamy Cognac Mushroom Steak Sauce – A pucker of cognac creates a delicious, creamy sauce that goes with just about anything – especially steak!

Creamy mushroom sauce in pan with a metal spoon scooping

Mushroom Steak Sauce – Mushrooms and steak are basically BFF in this savory sauce!

Mushroom sauce on steaks in steel pan with fresh parsley

Creamy Parmesan Mushroom Sauce – So versatile! This sauce can top pasta, chicken, shrimp, pork or beef.

Creamy parmesan mushroom sauce in cast iron pan overhead image

Easy Homemade Steak Sauce Recipe – After you make your own, you may never buy the bottled stuff again!

Drizzling sauce on steak on a white plate with fresh greens and potatoes

Other Steak Recipes

Slow Cooker Salisbury Steak – A comfort food classic! Creamy gravy, mushrooms and onions create a delicious slow cooker dinner!

Salisbury teak in slow cooker with mushrooms and onions

Slow Cooker Beef Tips with Gravy – First, seared to lock in the juices, then simmered in a slow cooker for the most tender beef tips with gravy!

Beef tips in slow cooker with black ladle scooping beef

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich on the Smoker – A Philly favorite with smokey meat and veggies sauteed tender – all made on the grill!

Philly Cheese-steak sandwich close up in crusty roll with melted cheese

The Ultimate Chicken Fried Steak Recipe with Gravy – The ultimate comfort food! Fried to perfection and good for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Chicken friend steak with gravy and mashed potatoes and tabasco in the background

Steak Bomb Sandwich – A twist on the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, this is truly the BOMB sandwich!

steak sandwich on white plate close up on white bun

Pan-Seared Steak Recipes

Skillet Steak with Barbecue-Butter Sauce – Barbecue and butter – how could this skillet steak and sauce be wrong?!

overhead image of steak with barbecue butter sauce on white plate

Pan Seared Steak Recipe (Steakhouse Quality!) – Pan-seared and topped with garlic butter, this meal is perfect for date night or a delicious weeknight meal.

steak in pan with pat of butter and rosemary

Garlic Butter Steak Bites Skillet Recipe – A great idea for meal prep! These are bite-sized and cook in under 15 minutes.

steak bites in cast iron pan with wooden spoon

Filet Mignon in Mushroom Wine Sauce – A beautiful recipe for a beautiful meal! The red wine sauce makes this filet mignon!

Filet mignon on plate with vegetables, sliced and bottle of merlot in the background

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