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  1. Wow This Is great recipe.I love Your Way of making Recipe.I am going to make this recipe for my family now.

  2. I am going to try this soup soon and if i want to taste more spicy, is it possible to season chilli power?

  3. Looks totally amazing! Ive been doing one pot recipes for over a month now , I bought myself a large low cast iron dish and have never looked back! the recipes I find including ones ive made of yours are delish! the whole family love them. This one I have already printed out ready to make! You have totally changed my way of cooking , as well as washing up! I did how ever have a argument with my house mate over grating carrots ! I said can you grate them for me quickly please… to which he did , and the following week I had to grate them as he was out he come home to find me using the food processor ! lol , (To which I totally forgot I had) HONEST! He was not happy as I made him grate them by hand … I just forgot I had one! lol so he was slightly unimpressed ..hahahaha

    • Hahaha! The food processor is so awesome for grating veggies! It makes it so super quick. I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying what you’ve found here!

  4. It was HOT here yesterday, but now it’s back to chilly again (crazy arse weather), so this soup is totally screaming my name!! I mean, beef and tomato MACARONI soup?! Yeah, gimme dat! Looks amazing, as always, girlie! Pinned! Cheers! <3

  5. Your high school days sound fun, and aren’t food memories the best kind? This soup definitely looks like something I would crave on a regular basis, and we never had soup like this at our school canteen!

  6. Love the video, Ashley! This soups looks so cozy. It’s definitely still Winter over here, so I’m still loving all the soups. And I wasn’t much for sports either. I was definitely more of a nerd! Lol!

  7. Now this is my kind of soup! I haven’t had a version like this in years, and now I’m totally intrigued! What a great way to bring back memories of high school, too. It’s cold here today, so I just want to dig into this deliciousness!

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