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  1. Love making our crunchy, toasted pecan, chocolate chip cookies, and my grandmother’s pecan pie. Shortbread, so versatile, and gingersnaps are a couple of other seasonal favorites. Love so many of your recipes, so thanks for sharing them on your site!!

  2. Our family favourite is a classic! The sugar cookie, made with real butter ! A little crisp on the outside and melt in your mouth goodness on the inside. No icing on the top- just a sprinkling of sugar, you can’t beat it!

  3. My favorite is Pretzels with rolos and M&M’s, super easy but you get the sweet and salty. It always reminds me of when me and my sister were younger and baking them with my mom, we would race to see who could put the most M&M’s on each batch!

  4. I am Italian and I love to buy panettone and serve it with a delicious cream made with mascarpone cheese and marsala wine!

  5. Jam jams shaped like wreaths. I use a donut hole cutter with 1/2 the cookies. Then I spread homemade raspberry jam on a whole cookie and top with the cookie that has the donut hole cut out. The jam is visible thru the center.

  6. I love making pecan pie and fudge but I could eat my weight in cookies! Crossing my fingers to he your winner 🍪

  7. Some of the things that we always seem to make at Christmas time are soft gingersnaps, butter tarts and something decadent with chocolate! It just wouldn’t be the same without them.

  8. I love to bake, especially for Christmas! My favourite things to bake are a white cream cookies with icing and sprinkles with my grandsons help. Plus all the other delicious cookies and squares that my adult children have loved since they were little nad request that I bake. I’ve also started baking a few new ones that have become favourites.

  9. I love to making the cutout cookies with my grandchildren. I have them convinced that the icing we make was told to me by Mrs. Claus.

  10. Every Christmas I love to make each co-worker and Doctor a “Goodie Bag” filled with candy canes, chocolates, and usually a small lipstick, nail polish and gift card for a cup of coffee. I do this rather than the gift exchange. I’ve been at my job 17 years and they are family to me! Other than that, I am in charge of making sure each employee receive the Birthday cake, cookie, or treat they desire for their Special Day!! We have about 33 employees~ so that’s a lot of calories!!

  11. I love to make cookies for the holidays .This year I am going to try and make cream puffs so I can make a Christmas tree..

  12. I have always cooked, ever since I was very young. I am the 3rd of nine children, so I helped my Mom cook. I loved the holidays, and making homemade apple pie. Now that I am much older, I like to make pecan pie – my husband’s grandmother’s recipe. It’s the best pecan pie I have ever eaten. Everyone is always asking me to bring it!

  13. Hope I get this in to you in time! My favorite things at Christmas time are some of my mom’s recipes. For example, I always make a double batch of Nuts and Bolts and lots of shortbread with both candied ginger and candied pineapple. My grandchildren love the cookies and several bar cookies like toffee almond bars, millionaire bars and Great Aunt Gertie’s dream bars. And I always have to make fudge an candied bark of various flavors. I’ve just been learning to bake with spelt flour and carob this year in lieu of wheat flour and chocolate. A big learning curve, but proving to be extremely delicious and a bit healthier. Merry Christmas everyone!

  14. I am going to try something new this year–pistachio financiers. They are baked in barquette molds. Gifting everyone you work with is not affordable, but wrapping these with a cute little card is more doable. I think many people receive too much in the way of baked goods, so one or two of these is the perfect little gift for a coworker to let them know you appreciate them.

  15. Every year my sister & I get together for a weekend of cookie baking. Our hands down favorite cookie is one my Mom used to make – she called them macaroons but they were made with sweetened condensed milk & several kinds of breakfast cereal – yum!

  16. I have so many favorite Christmas cookies I bake every year!!! I’m always looking for Holiday cookbooks to try some thing new too!! I just love to cook and bake at the holidays! I love making snowball cookies, salted caramel thumb print cookies, sugar cookies, Holiday chocolate crinkle cookies, no bakes, and so much more!! I just love cooking and baking for the Holidays!!
    Thank you for the chance to win!
    Hugs, Teresa

  17. i love baking all sorts of Christmas cookies. What I love the most though is designing a fruit Christmas tree.

  18. I love to bake chocolate passion fruit exploding cake 😍 for sweet and for savoury I love to cook cheddar cheese and Brussels sprout soup – yum 😙

  19. I enjoy baking both sweet and savory at Christmas. For savory it would be sausage rools, sweet potato biscuits and an asparagus tomato quiche for breakfast. For sweets it woud be mincemeat handpies, fruitcake and assortedcookies.

  20. I can’t wait to make sugar cookies, cheddar cheese cookies, gingerbread and lots of cracker toffee! This will be the first year that my grandson can help me; so excited! Thanks

  21. Sea Foam Candy, (milk and dark chocolate coated!) is by far our favorite, but we also love almond crescents, chocolate pinwheels, spritz cookies and candy cane twist cookies. I was a single dad, the boys are now all moved out but I still make a selection of Christmas cookies because I know it’s something they look forward to when they get together at home…. even if it’s in November (Like it is this year) because two of them live out of state!

  22. I really enjoy baking! With the first of the colder weather that always puts me in a baking mood, I begin making a variety of sweet breads like pumpkin w/cream cheese layer, cinnamon bread, blueberry banana bread, scones. Love the aromas in my house! Christmas time I enjoy baking pecan coconut pralines, fudge varieties, rum balls, peppermint cookies, & I usually select a new cookie recipe to try something different for a good variety. Love pecan snowballs also!

  23. I love to make our favorite shortbread and thumbprint cookies with my kids. We use recipes that have been handed down through my mom’s family for generations with every new baker adding a twist or decoration ideas. We also like to try out new ideas for hot drinks, and soups to enjoy after being outside in the snow.

  24. I haven’t had an amazing, homemade chocolate cake in such a long time. It would be great to have one for Christmas. I’d like to bake one using a recipe that I used many years ago.

  25. Christmas cookies are fun. My brother and his fiancé come over and we have a great time. My partner and his fiancé make traditional cookies. My brother and I make random outrageous zombie cookies and marauding polar bears. 😀

  26. I love to bake and every Christmas season I bake lots of cookies which I package up and give to our wonderful neighbours, friends and relatives. I like to add new recipes to the mix and spend November looking for appealing new cookie recipes. Your Chocolate Sugar Cookies sound delicious and will be added this year. Have a happy Christmas with your new addition to your family.

  27. I love baking white chocolate birthday cookies and ginger snap cookies. I was talking to a coworker the other day and we both got excited for Christmas baking.

  28. Our favorite item to bake for the holidays are my great-grandmother’s molasses cookie recipe- it’s very scrumptious. A MUST for all family reunions.

  29. I have been trying to streamline my Christmas baking and making a list of my absolute must haves. But it just keeps growing. lol. That being said, I love to bake shortbread around the holidays. Plain, chocolate, with nuts, lemon. I haven’t met a shortbread I didn’t like. I also love those pecan puffs dusted with icing sugar. Just printed this recipe, these cookies sound amazing. And that icing….yum!!! Thanks again for sharing and of course the giveaway.

  30. Hey Ashley, what a fun way to start off the holidays. I like to make a bread baskets and give them as gifts. I add something new each year. It usually has French bread, raisin bread,some apple butter& garlic spread.This year I’m adding homemade English muffins. I think of who I’m making the basket for and how much they mean to me. It helps keep me busy & grounded in the season. Everyone seems to enjoy the homemade gifts made with love! Have a great holiday season, Lori

  31. I love to cook. Cannot wait for the holidays each year when the kids, grandkids and great grandkids get together. I like trying new things and get a lot of ideas from newsletters.

  32. Spritz cookies are my favorite!! My mom use to make them for me and my siblings when we were little so now every christmas i make them for my family❤️ Everyone loves them!! Thank you for letting me share my memory 😁

  33. I can never wait for the holidays because it’s a great excuse to make (and eat) my favorite pies – pecan and pumpkin

  34. W yeare have a bake exchange every. We have to make something different each year. But for myself and family I love making ginger snaps

  35. My all time favorite is Reese’s Temptations. Peanut butter cookie dough baked in a mini muffin pan with a mini reese’s cup pushed into the center when they come out of the oven.

  36. Growing up, my mom and sister used to make Biscottis for my dads work coworkers. They would spend all night making tons of these things. I used to help out in ways I could, maybe even making more work for them!
    Nowadays, my sis and I get together with her kids and our mom and make whatever our tastes feel like at the moment. However, I always prefer Cookies over anything else. I love them and I’m planning to try your Grandmas Sour Cream Cookie this Christmas!

  37. My favorite thing to bake during the holidays are snickerdoodles. Yum! And any type of cookie, really. Next up, these chocolate sour cream cookies! Thank you. 🙂

  38. Do you ship internationally???
    I love me a good sugar cookie. But haven’t baked any of my own yet. I like them to be soft and not crunchy! Also, LOVE shortbread! Living in a different country this Christmas will mean that baking will be different…but I have a baking friend that can hopefully hook me up with some skilllz!
    I’ve sneaked a listen to her album on Spotify! So fun!!

  39. My favorite recipe to make is what my family calls, “Grandma Cookies.” They’re just cake box cookies, but they mean so much to my family. My grandma would make them every day for my dad and his 3 siblings to take to school. When my dad and his siblings grew up, my one aunt would do the same for her kids to take to school, my other aunt would make them for her kids, and my dad taught me. It’s something my dad and I love to do together. And now that us grandkids are older (early to mid 20’s), we are keeping on the tradition. We sometimes try new things like red velvet cookies with chocolate chips, or dark chocolate cookies with pumpkin spice chocolate chips. It may be a very simple, and maybe even generic recipe, but it means the absolute world to my family.

  40. My grandmothers recipe for speculas cookies. She use to make one giant gingerbread man for each grandchild with this recipe.

  41. I can’t wait to try this recipe! So glad I discovered your website, so many delicious foods!! I love making poppy seed cake truffles and all types of Russian desserts during the holidays. 🙂

  42. These cookies look so delicious…it wouldn’t be Christmas without making Italian gingerbread cookies…made with cooked wine, that is thick like molasses!

  43. I always make several batches of Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon buns during the holidays. I give them as gifts for friends and neighbors. Can’t wait to get started this year!

  44. My favorite holiday recipes would
    Be millionair shortbread and the original recipe for sour cream cookies with that gelatine icing and dipped in coconut

  45. Thank You for Sharing this recipe!! These Cookies Look So Scrumptious!! How Would I Go About Entering Your Contest??

  46. This looks like a great flavor combination. I hope to make this recipe soon. How do I enter your contest? There is information about how the contest will work but no link to enter.

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