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    1. Love making our crunchy, toasted pecan, chocolate chip cookies, and my grandmother’s pecan pie. Shortbread, so versatile, and gingersnaps are a couple of other seasonal favorites. Love so many of your recipes, so thanks for sharing them on your site!!

    2. Our family favourite is a classic! The sugar cookie, made with real butter ! A little crisp on the outside and melt in your mouth goodness on the inside. No icing on the top- just a sprinkling of sugar, you can’t beat it!

    3. My favorite is Pretzels with rolos and M&M’s, super easy but you get the sweet and salty. It always reminds me of when me and my sister were younger and baking them with my mom, we would race to see who could put the most M&M’s on each batch!

    4. I am Italian and I love to buy panettone and serve it with a delicious cream made with mascarpone cheese and marsala wine!

    5. Jam jams shaped like wreaths. I use a donut hole cutter with 1/2 the cookies. Then I spread homemade raspberry jam on a whole cookie and top with the cookie that has the donut hole cut out. The jam is visible thru the center.

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