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    1. I’d i’d serve them with roast chicken or make crispy smashed potatoes and I am definitely trying this recipe tonight!

    2. Definitely trying this recipe. I like to use little potatoes in the crockpot with a beef roast or crispy smashed potatoes.

    3. There are a lot of ways that we enjoy these. One of our favorite ways to use the potatos is Crash Hot Potatoes, partly smashed, seasoned with granulated garlic, salt, pepper & thyme. Drizzled with olive oil & oven roasted.

    4. My grandchildren love potatoes from the The Little Company, no matter how I fix them. They especially like them seasoned with butter, a little garlic and freshly shaved Parmesan cheese.

    5. Can’t wait to try these and your regular potato salad recipe. The recipe for the foil packet potatoes was AMAZING and a huge hit! Thanks for great recipes

    6. We are a potato eating family! I had not seen Little Potato Company products in stores, but will be more aware of them. I like the ease in preparing a potato of tis size. Hope you select me a the winner!.

    7. I love potatoes cooked any way at all with spices mixed just right. I’m getting married and winning will give me a edge on spending money. I hope I win I love to cook

    8. I love potatoes of any variety, I am getting married soon and I know it will help us out if I win the free potatoes for a month with us just starting out. It is easy to cook poatoes really can’t go wrong. I’d like to make herb potatoes. Thanks

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