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    1. Let’s just say I’ve never forgotten those brown sugar pecan cookies of yours and I still can’t wait to try them! These blondies look extra delicious because they’re nice and thick. Yum!

    2. Blondies rule! I made some last weekend for the first time after eating a few less-than tasty ones over the years. I was surprised how good they can actually be. I just wish I covered mine in that gorgeous brown sugar frosting. These are gorgeous! Pinned!

    3. Hi Ashley! Bar cookies were my go to when I was a working Mom years ago! Snot on the pants and spit up the shoulder are familiar memories! ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. You are all about the blondies! These look delicious. I love how you cut them at a diagonal which totally “Fancies” them up and then I can serve them on my cookie platter at Christmas. Because ya know, I got the yoga pants/snot fiasco going on too girl.

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