30 Easy Baked Chicken Recipes

Here are 30 Baked Chicken Recipes that are so easy to make, and full of flavor! From crispy “fried” chicken made in the oven, to creamy, saucy one-pan chicken dinners, these are my favorite ways to bake chicken. From casual family dinners to the next time you’re entertaining!

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Baked chicken recipes are some of my go-to weeknight dinners! There are just so many endless ways to prepare a chicken, so it really never gets old. Besides, can you ever have too many chicken recipes in your arsenal? I think not. 

Today I’m sharing my favorite ways to bake chicken! These are some seriously easy and delicious ways to prepare juicy chicken breasts, tender chicken thighs, and more in the oven. If your family is anything like mine, you’re going to love these ideas!

And I love that the cook time is hands off 😉

Is it Better to Cook Chicken Slow or Fast?

When baking chicken, it’s best to go with a higher temperature for a shorter amount of time. Cooking chicken quickly means that the juices stay inside the meat and the outside gets perfectly browned.

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Should You Bake Chicken Covered or Uncovered?

For best results, you’re going to want to bake your chicken uncovered. This allows the outside to really caramelize and brown, which also helps to lock in the flavors.

What Temperature is Chicken Done At?

Here’s a helpful guide to knowing when your different chicken cuts are done cooking:

  • Skinless, boneless chicken breasts are done at 165°F, whereas bone-in chicken breasts are done at 170°F
  • Skinless, boneless chicken thighs should also be cooked to 170°F
  • Lastly, bone-in chicken drumsticks and thighs are done at 175°F
overhead image of baked chicken thighs in white baking dish with fresh parsley
Baked Chicken Thighs
This brown sugar baked chicken recipe is so juicy and delicious, plus you can serve it in all sorts of ways. Bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs are rubbed with a simple blend of spices and baked to perfection. A versatile dinner the whole family will enjoy!
Get the recipe here
baked caprese chicken with mozzarella and topped with basil
Baked Chicken Caprese
Fresh Caprese flavors in the form of tender baked chicken breasts! Juicy chicken is cooked in a balsamic sauce with cherry tomatoes beneath a blanket of melty mozzarella cheese. This dish packs so much flavor into one 30 minute recipe!
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close up image of baked chicken breasts in baking dish with juices.
Baked Chicken Breast
This easy chicken recipe is the ultimate weeknight dinner. Quick and simple, yet filled with delicious flavor – you’re going to love these juicy baked chicken breasts, they come out perfect every time!
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overhead image of honey garlic chicken breasts in baking dish
Baked Honey Garlic Chicken
A one-pan chicken dinner with a good amount of kick! Tender and succulent boneless chicken breast is cooked in a savory-sweet honey garlic sauce, for a low-maintenance meal that definitely isn’t lacking in terms of flavor.
Get the recipe here
square image of baked tuscan chicken in baking dish.
Baked Tuscan Chicken Breasts
This is some seriously beautiful Tuscan chicken that will transport your table to the Italian foothills! Ready in 30 minutes, this easy chicken recipe features chicken pieces smothered in a creamy, flavorful sauce with spinach and sun dried tomatoes. Perfect for spooning over a bed of pasta!
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overhead image of baked chicken and rice in large white pan
Chicken and Rice Bake
Just ten quick minutes of prep is all you need for this healthy, hearty one-pot chicken and rice! Yet another way to enjoy baked chicken that’s full of flavor and super easy to make and serve. This recipe is kid friendly and great for weeknights!
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crispy oven fried chicken on a plate lined with parchment paper.
The BEST Oven-Fried Chicken
Crispy, perfect fried chicken in the oven? It’s not some culinary pipe dream – it’s real! This is one of the best chicken recipes because it packs all the flavor of our favorite fast food, with the wholesome benefits of being homemade.
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A pile of teriyaki chicken on a plate.
Teriyaki Chicken Recipe
This baked teriyaki chicken is one for the books! Tender chicken thighs are full of juicy flavor to begin with and then basted in a sweet and sticky homemade teriyaki sauce. The resulting chicken is perfect to dish up over rice for a fast and tasty Asian-inspired meal!
Get the recipe here
Everything bagel chicken breasts piled on a plate.
Everything Bagel Chicken Breasts
This recipe takes succulent chicken pieces and coats them in a crispy everything bagel seasoning crust. Serve this chicken recipe as an entree or as an appetizer, the flavor just can’t be beat.
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A serving spoon scoops up a baked chicken breast wrapped in bacon.
Easy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast
You’re going to be blown away by the combination of flavors in this easy bacon-wrapped chicken. Smoky, sweet, savory, spicy – the list goes on!
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Boursin stuffed chicken breasts on a plate next to asparagus.
Boursin Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Another wrapped chicken recipe, this time featuring chicken breasts enrobed in prosciutto and stuffed with melty Boursin cheese. Creamy, cheesy, and totally off the charts in the flavor department!
Get the recipe here
Honey lime chicken served over rice on black plates.
Honey Lime Chicken
Chicken strips are coated in a special spice mix and then baked in a delicious and zesty honey lime sauce. Serve this versatile baked chicken over rice for an easy family dinner!
Get the recipe here
Baked ranch chicken on a baking sheet.
Baked Ranch Chicken
Five ingredients will lead you to this super-tasty, ultra-easy, boldly flavored crispy ranch chicken. This baked chicken is so incredibly crunchy, you won’t believe there’s no deep fryer involved!
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Gravy is spooned over top baked chicken with mushrooms.
Baked Chicken with Mushrooms Recipe
This chicken is slow roasted in the oven along with earthy cremini mushrooms, garlic and thyme for an easy dinner that’s loaded with umami flavor. Make this recipe in one pan for added convenience!
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A pile of Vietnamese chicken thighs on a plate.
Vietnamese-Inspired Baked Chicken
These baked chicken thighs have all the flavor of a sweet-sour-spicy Vietnamese marinade. It’s the perfect exotic fusion of flavors (fish sauce, lime, lemongrass) that really takes this chicken dinner up all the notches!
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A crispy buffalo chicken breast on a plate next to a green side salad.
Crispy Buffalo Chicken
Crispy breaded chicken that’s packed with bold buffalo ranch flavors and dressed in cheese and spices. For families that love a good hit of heat!
Get the recipe here
Chicken breast stuffed with creamy spinach filling.
Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast
You’re going to love these baked chicken breasts stuffed with a taste bud-tantalizing blend of creamy cheeses and fresh baby spinach. An easy and nutritious chicken dinner idea!
Get the recipe here
honey garlic chicken thighs sheet pan dinner
Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs: Sheet Pan Dinner
One of the many perks of baking your chicken is that it leaves the possibilities wide open for sheet pan dinners! This is an easy one-pan wonder with delicious and savory honey garlic chicken baked alongside tender roasted veggies.
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Chicken an vegetables served on plates.
One Pan Chicken and Vegetables
This one-pan dinner is like a shortcut to perfectly baked chicken, roasted vegetables, with a side of crispy stuffing! All baked together so that the chicken fat works its magic in this easy, flavorful recipe.
Get the recipe here
Mediterranean roasted chicken thighs in a skillet with tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese.
Mediterranean Roasted Chicken Thighs with Olives and Tomatoes
Embrace a taste of the Mediterranean with this roasted chicken thighs recipe. A savory medley of olives and tomatoes is cooked in the same pan with tender chicken and feta cheese.
Get the recipe here
Close up of honey balsamic chicken thighs in a baking dish.
Baked Honey Balsamic Chicken
Sweet and tangy, this chicken thigh recipe features a simple honey balsamic marinade that’s huge on flavor! And I swear that the chicken is so tender and juicy, it just falls right off the bone! A winning dinner idea that the whole family is bound to love.
Get the recipe here
A wooden serving spoon scoops a bruschetta chicken breast out of a baking dish.
Baked Bruschetta Chicken
This bruschetta chicken recipe takes a classic Italian antipasto and transforms it into a savory and delicious chicken dinner! Chicken breasts are topped with melted cheese and ripe tomatoes with basil, then baked to perfection.
Get the recipe here
Lemon roasted chicken pieces with lemon slices.
Lemon Roast Chicken Dinner with Potatoes
This lemon chicken is one of the easiest weeknight dinner ideas on this list! Citrusy flavors get baked into tender fresh chicken pieces that are cooked alongside potatoes and onions.
Get the recipe here
Baked chicken pesto parmesan served on plates over spaghetti.
Baked Chicken Pesto Parmesan
An easy chicken parmesan recipe with a pesto twist! This family-friendly dinner is no fuss and all flavor, with perfectly breaded chicken and delicious melty cheese!
Get the recipe here
Prosciutto wrapped chicken in a creamy sauce, next to a spoon.
Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken in a Creamy Mustard Sauce
I can’t get over the flavors of this easy wrapped chicken. The mustard sauce just compliments the prosciutto in this recipe so nicely! Wrap up a batch of this tender chicken to bake and then serve over pasta or potatoes.
Get the recipe here
This Crispy Sriracha Buttermilk Oven Fried Chicken is so moist and juicy with just the right amount of spice! It's baked and not fried so it's healthier, but you still get that great crunchy coating. Includes a step by step recipe video. | easy dinner recipe | healthy recipe | low fat | healthy dinner | chicken dinner recipe | spicy chicken
Crispy Sriracha Buttermilk Oven Fried Chicken Recipe
I just love this recipe for all its crispy goodness! This “fried” chicken isn’t fried at all, but it sure is just as delicious. Chicken tenders coated in a spicy buttermilk mixture, then tossed in a crunchy crumb.
Get the recipe here
close up image of whole chicken in roasting pan
Perfect Roast Chicken
Let me walk you through how to make the most perfect roast chicken with this easy step-by-step! This chicken comes out golden baked and delicious every time.
Get the recipe here
overhead image of a sheet pan with cooked chicken strips bell peppers and onions
Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas
Make baked chicken fajitas on a sheet pan for extra convenience with this easy recipe. This is a family favorite and full of flavor, ready in only 30 minutes!
Get the recipe here
caprese chicken plated
Caprese Chicken and Potatoes
A chicken and potato casserole baked in a single pan with all sorts of amazing Caprese flavors! Chicken breasts bake up next to potatoes beneath a blanket of melted cheese, juicy tomatoes, and Italian herbs.
Get the recipe here
baked honey lemon chicken in bowl
Baked Honey Lemon Chicken
A healthier version of a takeout classic, this honey lemon chicken is so easy to make at home! Made with crispy breaded chicken coated in a homemade honey lemon sauce.
Get the recipe here

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