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Lemon White Chocolate Cupcakes with Ombre Roses

Lemon and white chocolate is just such an amazing combination. I don’t know how it works… it just does. The citrusy lemon flavour and the buttery white chocolate flavour complement each other in this mysterious, wonderful way. I love this frosting recipe. I have used it a few times, with both white and semisweet chocolate, […]

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Nanaimo Layer Cake

This is big news. BIG. News. I made you a healthy cake. No lies. Look at that cake — don’t believe me? I seriously SKIPPED my Sunday afternoon nap to write this post for you guys. That’s a big deal. This cake is a big deal.     Would you believe that that cake is […]

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Flowering Tree Cupcake Cake Tutorial

Let me first say this isn’t the most proportionate tree cupcake cake I’ve made because of the size of the container I was trying to fit it in, but I thought I would show you a  few photos of the process anyway just to give you an idea how it can easily be done. I […]

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