Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure Review

I had the opportunity to try out the imPRESS Manicure from Broadway Nails thanks to Influenster. Influenster gives people the chance to try out different products for free so that they can give their thoughts and opinions to their followers.


Obviously this is a post unlike any other I’ve done, but I hope that as this blog continues to grow I’ll be able to provide more reviews for you on the products I use and love every day.

First, the cons:


  • Once I got up the nerve to put them on, I was disappointed with how short they are. I had beautiful long nails and had to cut them right down as far as I could to cover up as much as I could with the imPRESS nails. Even then, a few of them didn’t quite cover. I would have expected them to be longer.
  • I found it difficult to find the right sizes, because some just didn’t fit my nails very well. If you look closely, you can see they don’t all fit quite right.


  • I found the strip on the back very difficult to peel off, and even bent some nails in the process. They are very, very sticky.


  • The tips of the nails quickly became dented and a little bent, and on a couple of them the very edge of the tips broke right off. It wouldn’t be noticeable to other people, only me.
  • My first nail fell off about 28 hours after I applied them. This was much sooner than I was hoping and expecting. I reapplied, but that one fell off about 12 hours later. I reapplied again (by this time I was getting low on sizes), and that one lasted about 3 hours. I didn’t have the cleansing wipe for the second and third applications, but only one comes in a box. I’m not sure if that’s why they fell off so quickly. By that time, there were others starting to come loose and I pulled them all off.

The pros:


  • Variety of colours: obviously, if I was going to buy some, I would buy something that suits me a little bit better.

Ease of application

  • They are overall pretty easy to apply, easier than the old fake nails anyway. No messing around with glue.


  • Inexpensive: For $10-15 you can have a new “manicure” — if you’re not one who gets their nails done regularly (and I am not), this is a pretty good bargain.


  • No chips: as opposed to a regular manicure, the paint won’t chip. I find that the times I have gotten a real manicure, the paint is chipped within a matter of hours (and that’s not a cheap manicure either).. But if you are looking for something that’s going to look as good hours later as it did when you first put it on, these would be great (even if the quality isn’t the same to begin with).
  • No hassle: when I was wearing these, I wasn’t worried at all about catching them on stuff (partly because they are short to begin with), or them falling off (the first day). They stay on pretty well, at the beginning anyway, and you can go about life as usual (which is important when you spend as much time cooking, baking, and typing as I do every day).


  • When the first couple started to fall off, the rest were easy to peel off with them. You just have to start lifting up the sides (slowly and gently) of the nails, and keep going around the edge with another nail until it is loose enough that you can pull it off.


  • As many cons as there are, I would definitely buy them and wear them again. Because the really don’t last long at all, I wouldn’t buy them or wear them regularly, but for a special occasion such as a wedding or graduation, I think they’re perfect. I don’t think anyone would know the difference between these and an actual manicure. They’re cheap, and on the first day, they stay put. For every day use? Not so much.

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