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Mexican Shepherd’s Pie and a $125 cash GIVEAWAY!

Because any meal a kid can eat with chips is a winner for sure. Actually, I like eating my meal with chips for utensils just as much (or more) than my kid does. It’s just fun, right? And you get to eat chips for supper! As I’ve said only about a hundred times before, I […]

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Mint Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Don’t underestimate them. They might look a little Plain Jane on the outside but inside they’re stuffed with a mint chocolate truffle that stays rich and creamy long after these cookies are baked. Everyone loves food with a filling, right? Think Boston Cream doughnuts. (Yes, doughnuts. I refuse to jump on the donut train. It’s also […]

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{Light} Strawberry Pineapple No-Bake Cheesecake

Because sometimes you just want to eat cheesecake and not feel guilty about it. Or just because it’s absolutely delicious. Summer is all about light, fresh flavours and juicy fruit. And bathing suits. So, really, it’s win-win. I saw the original recipe for this dessert on Kraft Canada, but it just seemed like it was […]

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BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese

I’m all about combining favourites. I mean, adding two already delicious things together can only make it better, right? Obviously, there are exceptions. Only about a million of them. But if you could peek inside my mind throughout the day you’d see, “pizza… what can I put on pizza that I never have before? What […]

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Triple Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

So….   …yeah. I’m super excited to be sharing these brownies over on Clarks Condensed today! One of the things I love about food blogging is the networking. It’s super easy to meet other bloggers online, and people are often stepping up to help each other out. Head on over to Katie’s blog, Clarks Condensed, […]

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Raspberry Watermelon Sorbet

So my husband brought me a 28 pound watermelon a couple days ago. I thought that we had bought a nice fridge before we moved into our new house at the end of December. And suddenly… it looks pretty small. I started cutting up half of it once my daughter had gone to bed, and […]

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{Whole Wheat} Raspberry White Chocolate Blondies with Matcha Swirl

Can I just be honest with you guys and admit that I didn’t even know what Matcha was before the lovely people at Kiss Me Organics emailed me and asked if I would review their organic Matcha powder? I mean, I knew that it was good for you. And I knew that it was green. […]

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Hawaiian Pizzadillas

I hope you’re not mad. Sometimes I just love recipes that aren’t really recipes. So, if you don’t know this yet, I’m not a food blogger by day. I’m actually a high school  teacher, though of course from the end of June until the beginning of summer, I get to be just a mom and […]

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